Social Media: Faces of the Gateway Mile

As lead writer for the Faces of the Gateway Mile series, I am also responsible for promoting each article on the Downtown Elkhart Facebook page. Here are a few top posts and their performance. Some were boosted, others had entirely organic reach. The page had between 5,400 and 5,800 fans during the time period when these posts were published, so each one reached far beyond our core audience.

Reach: 14,203 organic
Engagement: 548 reactions, comments and shares
Conversions: 2,215 post clicks
Boosted? No

Reach: 13,512; 4937 organic, 8575 paid
Engagement: 336 reactions, comments and shares
Conversions: 605 post clicks
Boosted? Yes

Reach: 8,595 organic
Engagement: 333 reactions, comments and shares
Conversions: 1,076 post clicks
Boosted? No

Reach: 8,024; 1,514 organic, 6,510 paid
Engagement: 193 reactions, comments and shares
Conversions: 195 post clicks
Boosted? Yes

Reach: 6,940 organic
Engagement: 509 reactions, comments and shares
Conversions: 497 post clicks
Boosted? No